Anti Love?

Times when somebody breaks your heart into so many million pieces, you really hope that the person never came in your life, don't you. They say love does not deal with the brain, yet after analyzing the brain chemistry of mammalian pair bonding, Dr. Young predicts that it won't be long before there will be actual drugs that will trigger your brain to fall in love with anyone you want to!

That's just not the only good news! They can actually trigger this drug to make an anti love penotion that can heal anybody from the agony of their sad lonely life.

In his Nature essay, Dr. Young speculates that human love is set off by a “biochemical chain of events” that originally evolved in ancient brain circuits involving mother-child bonding, which is stimulated in mammals by the release of oxytocin during labor, delivery and nursing. 'Some of our sexuality has evolved to stimulate that same oxytocin system to create female-male bonds,” he says.

This doesn't mean there will soon be magical elixirs causing you to instantly fall in love with anyone! These drugs are uncertain and might cause a lot of controversies in the future. Yet, just imagine a life without any pain and heart breaks and any drama…and no love!


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