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ALMOST everyone wants a nose piercing but nobody wants the pain. The good news is: once you're finally done with the whole piercing process, you can actually wear lots of nose rings and studs which actually add a whole new trendier dimension to your look.

Nose piercings are relatively more painful than ear piercings because the skin on your nose is harder and fatter, and also because the nose has more cartilage than skin. You can pierce your nose in two ways:
a) you can either go to the hospital and get it pierced by a doctor,
b) you could take the more commonly followed way, that is, go to a beauty parlour and get it pierced.

Piercing your nose at the hospital is a lot more hygienic and safe, but also a lot more painful. You'd have to get an appointment with the doctor from before. Trust me, seeing the protagonist and his lover dance around trees in about-to-burst clothes soothes the nerves. You'll keep laughing till you have tears in your eyes, which is good, because it won't remind you about the piercing.

If your doctor is great, he'll distract you with conversations about his daughter and how girls today are so courageous that a piercing doesn't have any effect on them. If your doctor is professionally great but personally not-so-pleasing, he'll warn you not to cry or scream during the piercing and get down to business ruthlessly. Mine was the former, thank God. Anyway, let's not digress off topic.

You'll be given anesthesia at first, which might be a nose spray to numb that region. The nose spray itself is pretty painful because it burns when it reaches your throat. Then comes the injection, which is more painful than the actual piercing itself. You're going to be injected in the nose. I recommend clutching the bedsheets of the hospital bed you're sitting in. The actual piercing feels a whole lot less painful after the injection, which is probably the point of the injection, but anyway. The whole process is done with surgical instruments.

After the piercing is done, a piece of thread will be inserted through the piercing and tied into a knot. This thread has to be rotated at a regular basis to make sure the piercing largens and heals. The amount is a little hefty, but this procedure is a lot more safer.

Oh, and after a few weeks of your piercing, you have to open the thread and wear a thin nose ring or stud of gold. Replacing the thread with an actual nose ring is, let me warn you, excruciating pain. People who do not scream under any circumstances will scream and shriek. People who do not shed tears of pain will cry- but you could always say that you didn't cry, tears just 'sprung to your eyes'. If people buy what you say, that is.

If you want your nose to be pierced at the beauty parlour, you're in for a journey that is less painful. Your nose will be pierced with a gun and it will be done in possibly a minute. Depending on various factors, you will be given antibiotics. The nose stud is simultaneously inserted when the piercing is done with the gun. The amount of pain you will feel depends on how thick the skin on your nose is, really. Once the nose stud is inserted, you can't open it yourself. You have to go to the beauty parlour again to get it opened and wear a new one.

So there. That's how you get your nose pierced. Alternatively, if you don't want to undergo the painful process but still want to wear nose rings, you could always wear the fake ones available that you just have to adjust on the skin of your nose; but then, you miss the whole glittery world of intricately designed diamond nose studs, see?


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