$30 million Dress Are The Result For The Economic Crisis

When the global world is facing huge economic crisis at that time a malaysian designer making a dress decked with 751 diamonds worth $30 million are confident that the desire to flaunt wealth has not quite been extinguished.It is a evening gown with 70 carat pear-shaped diamond at the center of the bodice, topped off with a train sparkling with diamonds.

The designer of the dress, Faisol Abdullah is rushing to finish the dress, dubbed the "Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur," in time for the STYLO Fashion festival early next month in the Malaysian capital.

Asked if the dress would attract buyers, Nancy Yeoh, chief executive of STYLO which commissioned the dress said: "Its art and there are still enough rich people who would want to buy.Actually, we have a plan to present the dress to the royal courts around the world starting with the Middle East," she said, adding that if the dress was sold, 5 percent would go to the Gaza Humanitarian Fund".

The malaysian shoppers were not impressed in this news. One sales executive said
"But there is one reality here, the rich will keep on getting richer and buying such dresses while ordinary people like you and me can just watch and dream."


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