Prepare For Mock Exam

1. Practice napping on surfaces of Question Papers and desks.

2. Practice Japanese Origami with the Question Paper and use them as target practice towards the teachers. This could turn out to be a very entertaining competition between friends.

3. These are good times to think of ways on bridging communication gaps and removing grudges with that nerd sitting right in front of you with his pen moving so fast along the surface of the paper that you cannot even see it.

4. Nerds, on the other hand, if they are smart enough to look out of their papers can actually relish a moment in bullying the jocks while giving them answers. Although, trust me, tables have known to be turned as soon as both parties are out of the Exam hall (poor nerds!)

5. Mocks are excellent occasions to talk about the Global Financial Recession (particularly if the exam is Economics).

6. Come to think of it, Mocks give you relaxing time to think of ideas for write-ups that you can submit to a certain teen magazine we all love to read (my personal favorite).

7. If you are an ardent watcher of reality shows, then you may set yourself an Immunity Task of limited time periods to complete examinations. Personally, this works best when you set yourself an hour period for a three hour long Bengali Exam. Although, I cannot guarantee you immune from your Mom.

8. You can figure out ways to make the building's generator noisier, which would give you an advantage of swapping answers with your friends' right under the ears of those deaf invigilators (no offence).

9. Make wish lists to be given to your parents after achieving excellent grades in your real Examinations (if you pass, that is).

10. Run along the length of the classroom crying your lungs out with the words, “GHOST! GHOST!” (If your invigilators are smart enough, they would understand it's them).

11. Post questions you do not know on your Facebook Status Updates using your mobile phone.

12. Devise new strategies to take over the world by scribbling at the back of your Paper and using stationeries as soldiers and weapons.

13. Dial 999 for answers.

14. Take part in boring conversations with teachers with zeal.

15. Here's a thought. Put your head in the exam and actually try to PASS!


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