Pollen - Robbot

Employee for Japanese weather forecasting company Weathernews, Mayuka Nakatani, displays some of the 500 pod-shaped pollen counting robots called "Pollen-robot", which are ready to be used as nationwide monitors to observe pollen levels ahead of the coming hay fever season, at the company's headquarters in Tokyo.

The Pollen-robot, which has two LED eyes and glows a range of five different colors to indicate pollen levels, will be placed outside houses and can send reports recording pollen, temperatures, humidity and air pressure to the company through the Internet.

Any allergy sufferer can tell you that pollen is the bane of their existence during the spring months. In Japan, they're taking a proactive approach to monitoring pollen and letting people know just where and when it's safe to leave their homes. With robots!

These adorrable Pollen Robots will be hung outside the homes of 200 hay fever sufferers who have volunteered to participate. The robots will detect pollen levels and warn people about the levels by flashing its eyes different colors. It'll also send the data back to Weathernews HQ in Tokyo for study.


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