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The Internet is a magnanimous thing in the world. There are some etiquette one has to follow while using the phone, like when coughing, cover the microphone, etc. Well, using the Internet also has its own share of etiquettes, which go under the name “netiquette”. Let's cover some of the basics:


Forwarded e-mail chains are one of the irritating parts of using E-mails. These E-mails contain a variety of messages. Some of them are religious, some of them hold “the love of your life”-type quizzes, etc, with the general threat of a curse: “forward this message or your life will be screwed and you'll die horribly”. Word of advice, when people say send this to all of your friends, DON'T, because it's very annoying.

Never forward a personal e-mail without consent of the original sender. Use the subject field when sending e-mails; it's there for a reason. Also remember, records of e-mails are kept in the servers, even deleted ones. Don't say things that would get you into trouble.

Chatting/forum etiquette

Chat groups and forums are a lot of fun. But the number one rule of using them is, don't give out personal info or your pictures. See the cartoon? You don't know who is on the other side.

There are a few other rules, like not using CAPITAL LETTERS because that means you are shouting. If someone makes a mistake, correct them, but don't gloat. Avoid flame wars. It's also smart not to respond to threats and leaving threads that are uncomfortable to you.

When you are chatting with someone, it is polite to say be right back [brb] before answering a phone or responding to your parents. It is similar to when you say, “hold on a sec” when talking on the phone. It is also polite to say bye before logging out on someone.


Facebook is a kind of social network which connects all your long lost friends, helps you keep easy tabs on people. But there're also some manners and safety involved. Make sure it's only your friends who may view your information. It is better if you get to know the person in real life before you allow him access to copiable pictures that may or may not be used in Photoshop. Don't post unflattering pictures of people without their consent. Don't bug people with friend requests just because they are hot or famous.

These are some of the basic netiquettes. Check out the following sites for more info. Manners reflect your character, both in the virtual and the real world. So try to make a good impression. It'll help you meet good friends.


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