A man meets two men at two doors.

A sign above the two doors
says, "One door leads to eternal bliss, while one leads to certain peril.

One of these men always lies, while one always tells the

You may ask only one question.

What question do you ask to
be certain that you get to the room with eternal bliss?

Answer : He asks them, "If I ask the other man which way to go, what would his answer be?" They would both answer in the same way. Whatever the answer is, go the other way. If the man you ask always tells the truth, then the other always lies. The man you ask will tell truthfully that the answer would be the wrong way. If the man you ask always lies, then the other man tells the truth. The man you ask will lie and tell you that the other man would tell you the wrong way.In both cases the answer you would receive would be the wrong way. Go the other way.


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